Choosing your wedding Flowers…. It’s a minefield right? Where do you begin?!  There are so many beautiful options ….. Being a wedding photographer all over Kent and the South East, I get to see so many beautiful designs and get chatting to some very talented florists. . So I thought I’d share a few tips and ideas on choosing your wedding flowers that may help along with a few pictures (probably far too many, but I just couldn’t choose)  of some of the gorgeous flowers I have photographed in the past.  Scroll to the end to find out alternatives to fresh flowers too….

Marleybrook house wedding photosAbove Flowers by Mrs Bouquet –


  • This is probably the most important point as it determines the type of flowers that you can choose. Decide where you want flowers?
  • Would you like flowers as your center pieces. Do you want flowers at your church? Or your ceremony? Think about button holes, bridesmaids bouquets? What will the flower girls hold? Are you going to give bouquet gifts for mother of the bride/groom?
  • Don’t be afraid to discuss figures with your florist. Be up front, let them know how much you would like to spend and stick to it as much as possible.
  • Don’t be afraid of expensive flowers, Peonies or Hydrangeas can be a bit pricier but are larger and cover more space. More for your money
  • If you are having floral table centres, how about having these as “thank you” gifts for friends and family

Above Pretty Red and Pink Roses by Moody Blooms –



  • So there are a million types of flowers and you have no idea of their names. Just familiarize yourself with a few popular wedding flowers; roses, peonies, hydrangeas, lilies, and ranunculuses, gerbera to name a few, and then you can chat with your florist to help you build on that.
  • If you can’t decide on a colour; find your bridesmaid dresses first and co-ordinate to these.
  • You don’t have to be all one colour – contrasting colours can look beautiful. Or hues of all one colour such as peaches with corals. Or lilacs with blues.
  • Or why not just green and white – classic and timeless.
  • Add some sparkle or bling to your bouquet. A diamond on each rose? A sentimental brooch on the stem?Wedding Photographer The Orangery MaidstoneAbove Hydrengeas and Eucalyptus by FLORAL EXPLOSION –

Rowhill Grange spa kentPeony and Rose Bouquet by Chic Weddings –

  • Start with your bouquet  as this is your centre piece, and will be in most of your wedding photographs – you can then co-ordinate the rest of your flowers with this. Think about the size of your bouquet.  The flowers have to be in proportion to the bride’s height and size and also to the style of the dress. The more intricate the dress – the simpler the bouquet should be.
  • Make a Pinterest board of some ideas that you like and take them with you when you meet with your florist.
  • Try to match your flowers with your venue – for example robust Gerberas or Cala Lilies for a modern, city wedding or pretty delicate Roses and gypsophelia for a vintage rustic wedding.
  • Think about your venue’s over all colour. If the ceremony room or reception room have strong bold colours (ie the carpets and curtains); a simple pastel theme may be a little lost.
  • If in doubt ask your florist. They love to put their creativity to the test and know all there is to know about flowers.

Above Autumnual bouquet by FLORAL HUES – Hearts By Mrs Bouquet – 


So you really can’t decide on which flowers to choose. Lots of flowers have superstitions and meanings, so you could use this as a starting point.

ROSES – Probably the most used of all flowers at weddings and the meaning is Love. However different colours symbolise different things;

Red – A red rose represents longing, desire and love
White – A white rose shows purity, chastity and innocence.
Yellow – A yellow rose symbolises friendship and caring.
Pink – Pink roses represent emotions, joy and gratitude.
Orange – An orange rose symbolises passion and energy.

CALA LILLY – If you choose white Calla Lilies for your bridal bouquet then this will symbolise purity and innocence.

FREESIA -Much like the Daisy, Freesias represent innocence, they also represent thoughtfulness.

PEONY – The peony represents happy life, happy marriage, good health and prosperity, all perfect ways to start a marriage!

TULIPS Tulips signify the declaration of love – what flower could be more perfect when you are saying your wedding vows.Red Bouquet by Paula Frickey


  • Have they worked at your venue before?  If they haven’t don’t panic – it may be an idea that you have a wander around the venue together.

  • Can you see examples of her work? Its not always possible but some florists can provide a mock up of your bouquet. If not ask to see some example of their recent work.

  • Who will be delivering my flowers on the day?  Decide where you would like them delivered. Will the button holes need to be at a separate address?

  • When will the final balance be due?

  • How will you return any rented items, such as vases etc. Make sure you have agreed on how many rented items you have and how you go about returning them.ALTERNATIVES TO FRESH FLOWERS

  • Silk flowers are very realistic these days. They are robust and won’t wilt in the heat. Although there is not a great deal of difference in the price to fresh flowers – you will have your bouquet forever. Examples of silk bouquet below.

  • For those who like a bit of bling – how about a bouquet made of jewellery. You could include some pieces of jewellery with sentimental value.  See examples belowChoosing your wedding flowersAbove Silk bouquet – by Paula Fricky – and Jeweled Bouquet by Danny Watchorn, Kent –

I hope this helps a little towards choosing your wedding flowers. I LOVE to talk all things weddings, so if you have any questions about tips or ideas for your wedding day…Id love to chat. Click here to send me a message.